Why tape in hair extension so popular? how to install the tape in hair extension?

wigsfun human hair tape in hair extension

Human hair tape in extensions are hot sale for these days, as they are good choices for hair stylists and also DIY girls at home.

Why they are so popular?

1. They are very easy to install. It’s very convenient for you to apply the extensions in the appropriate process.
2. They look super natural and offer more choices for increase your hair volume. For some people have thinner hair, or they just want part of hair to be thick, they do not need full head of hair extensions. Tape in hair extension offers more choices for adding the hair amount.
3. As they are also easy to remove, they have less damage for your hair, its very important for girls with less volume hair and fragile hair.
Human hair Tape in extensions create the utmost sleek and flat look in your hair. As the base of the hair weft for the tape ins are very thin, the hair we use is strong virgin hair, silky and no tangle.

Check here below for installment of tape in hair extensions.:

First, make sure your hair is clean, dry and without hair product residue.
Then remove the label to expose the sticky side of the hair. our hair tape is with adhesive on both sides. Part your hair into several parts where you want to install the hair extension, make sure they’re evenly distributed throughout your hair, not too much.
–Leave one side of the tape covered when you start,
—Apply the tape to the upper section of hair, keep about 2-3 centimeters from root. Do not apply directly to scalp. your own hair actually gets taped between two strips of hair extensions
— then uncover the other side of the tape. Press the extension on to the surface of the tape, make sure it is firm and you can keep your pression for seconds.
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