How to Wash Your Hair Extensions( Good tips from Wigsfun)

tips on how to wash hair extensions

Human hair extensions are super good choices at increasing hair volume, length and depth to your own hair. It may keep a life span of 18 months if in appropriate care. Thus daily care, especially washing hair is important for the hair extension lifespan, here Wigsfun hair store will share some tips on how to wash your human hair extension:

1. Brush or comb all the human hair extensions thoroughly before washing. Doing this will help get the hair not tangled during washing and easy for the shampoo and conditioners permeate the hair.

2. Wash your human hair extension with the lukewarm water or  in the warm running water. As warm running water will keep the virgin hair going in the same direction, not easy tangled.

3. Use the mild shampoo and conditioner, don’t rub the hair too much, do not scrub the hair in circular motions because this will tangle the hair.

4. Once all of the shampoo and conditioner is cleared off the extension, Use the  soft towel squeeze out excess water gently, do not rub the hair tenderly. Then brush the hair, leave it dry naturally in the air, better not to dry it with a hair dryer on the high heating mode.

5. Do not wash the hair extension too offen as your own hair since the hair extension s are not attached to your scalp, they are not oily as your own hair so you don’t have to wash them as often.if necessary , use the mild hair products with less chemial to reduce the hurt of the hair.

Choosing the high quality human hair extensions and using  the correct washing methods can keep longer  lifespan of them. You can also find many good choices of Brazilian and Malaysian human hair extensions, virgin hair bundles ,closures and frontals on

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