How to store your wigs ? (fit for human hair wigs and synthetic wigs)

tips for storing the wigs

How to store your beloved wigs to keep their good condition and using time is  a frequent  question of our custoers, here wigsfun will share some useful tips about how to store your wigs.

 1. First, you need to make sure the wig is clean before you store it, if not, wash them in luke water with mild shampoo, air dry them. Brush the hair and make all hairs and fibers smooth.

2. No matter your wigs are virgin hair wigs or synthetic wigs, for the wigs you often wear, you ‘d better use the mannequin head or wig stand, as they will keep the good shape of the wig and the textures of the fibers. if you do not have such things, you can use wig hanger instead. Place them in the cool, dry place, avoid direct sunshine, prevent dirt and grease.

3. If you do not use your wigs often, you can also store them in plastic containers or you can use the original packing, put the net tissues inthe crown area to keep the shape. Then still, in the keep off the dust, moisture and direct sunlight.

Taking good care of your wigs, it will keep good color and good condition for a very long time. get your wonderful choices of

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